So, I've calculated 3 of the main character's birthdays using the calendar in the movie, and some of my previous calculations. Here is a chart from human years to Minimoy years. The conversion chart below shows how many Minimoy years are in a human year and month. Minimoy years are based upon the Selenielle (or something like that), the official flower of the Minimoys.

Conversion Chart

Human Time

Compared to

= 1 Human Year = 1 Human Month
Minimoy Years 100 Minimoy Years 8.2191780821917808219178082191781 Minimoy Years

If you have done any other caluculations, please post! I would love to hear them so I could include them in this chart as well!

I've been having some format problems, so please forgive me for the giant chart. It was meant to be smaller.


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