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Miro (Father)


Arthur and the Invisibles

Played by

Erik Per Sullivan

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Mino is a Minimoy (or just a mole) and his father, Miro, works for the King. 3 months prior to Arthur going to the land of the Minimoys he was taken and enslaved by The Evil M. Arthur met Mino after he got out of jail. He told Mino to cast the light on the rubies (read more on the main page) at noon so that when he returns to his normal size, he can tell where he (Mino) is. Once Arthur saw the light of the rubies, he dropped his baseball down the pipe that they were previously trapped in. Mino was on the rubies that floated up to the opening of the pipe. After Arthur gave the rubies to his Grandpa, he went back to the location of the Minimoy Village to return Mino. Arthur grabbed a straw and with that straw he dug into the dirt where the land of the Minimoys were. His father, Miro, was very happy to see him because he missed him dearly.

Random FactsEdit

  • Arthur saved him!

Arthur saved Mino.

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