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Francis is Arthur's father. While he and his wife are in the city to earn more money, Arthur is staying with his Grandma. Francis often does not understand how Arthur thinks. In Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard (the second movie), he has a strained relationship with Arthur due to being so tough on him and Arthur feels like his father doesn't understand him, when Arthur goes to the land of the Minimoys, Francis believes that he ran away. When he is searching for him, Francis tries to coax Arthur into coming out of hiding. Francis says that if Arthur comes out from hiding, then he will not be mad at him and he could eat the rest of a marshmallow bag that he brought with him. While searching, he accidentally stumbles upon Maltazard, who has grown to human size. After seeing the Evil M walk out of the bush, he ran back to the house saying, "I'll go get more marshmallows". After this encounter, he is traumatized, and does not recover for awhile.

Random factsEdit

  • Francis gets closer to his son, Arthur, in the second and third movies.
  • In Arthur and the Minimoys 2 he wanted Arthur to go to school in the city. Arthur did not want to go, but he had to. Arthur asked his Mom to delay the travel for a bit. 

Arthur is Francis' son.